The Best Shape of your Life,
For the Rest of your Life.


Today’s Beat Down

0600: Student gym, after 4 straight days of running I needed a break and I always consider going into the gym kind of a "Rest Day." Warm up Regular Pull-ups 2,4,6,8,10,12, - alternating with Regular pushups 5,10,15,20,25,30 30kg Sandbag Clean and Press (a pain in the ass, see pic) 10,10,10 alternating with Regular crunches 50,50,50, Kettle bell swing 70lbs 10,10,10 - alternating with Flutter kicks 50,50,50 Close grip pull-ups 2,4,6,8,10 - alternating with Dips 10,12,14,16,20 Curl & Press w/2x35lb dumbbells 8,8,8 - alternating with Elevated Crunches 50,50,50 Hanging Leg Raises (1 pull at the start and finish) 25,25,25 alternating with Elevated (feet up on…

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Quest Protein Chips

Hey People,     As a true Marine chow hound I'm always looking for a good snack that has some decent nutrition. Recently I came across these "Protein Chips" by Quest. The same people who make the great tasting (some of them are, but not all of them) protein bars. Now these aren't potato chips, you'll know that as quick as you put one in your mouth. They have a different texture, especially after you chew them a bit. Not bad, but different for sure. I've tried all the different flavors and like the BBQ the best. I will tell…

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The Daily Beat Down

  0550, even foggier than yesterday? Stairway Challenge. Start out with a mile run to the stairway over by the HQ building (see pic). This stairway has 32 steps. Sprint to the top, then execute 20 pushups, repeat 15 times for 512 steps and 300 pushups total. Run 1 mile down the seawall 1/4 jog, 1/4 sprint, 1/4 jog, 1/4 mile sprint. Execute: 50 regular crunches, 50 flutter kicks, 50 elevated crunches, 50 hello dollies, 100 side crunches (50 each side), 50 leg raises and 50 reaching crunches. for a total of 400 ab movements. Run 1 mile back as hard…

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Knives, Survival and otherwise.

Outside Magazine is my favorite monthly rag, and while I get the magazine in the mail. I also like their website. While sometimes they get a little too "tree hugger" for me, its still a great place for ideas on all outdoor stuff. I really like it and I often comment on gear, fitness and other articles they have there. In the past week I've been involved in a debate with a few guys about knives, "Survival Knives" to be specific. It all started with a article about a limited edition knife that was being offered by Coalatree Organics (hell of…

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The goal and message of my book is simple. Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. Flexible, portable, simple to learn, and above all else results focused, this is a no-nonsense, right to the point way to get into outstanding physical condition, maintain an optimum body weight and enjoy all the benefits of a high energy healthy body. This isn’t rocket science,  its common sense combined with long practical experience, wrapped in an easy to understand package.

The 128 pages of insight and information contained in this book are based on over 3 decades of training United States Marines and International Military, and its all you’ll ever need to get into Kick Ass Condition, get your weight right and STAY there. There is no hype,  no fluff,  no magic,  just results. I guarantee it.

In any case thanks for your time and interest. Take care, and remember:
“Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do!”

Semper Fi,
Master Gunz