The Best Shape of your Life,
For the Rest of your Life.


The Daily Beat Down: Will it ever stop raining?

0900, main side gym on base, raining as it has been for the last week?  The gym here is much better on the weekend, than it is on weekday mornings, which often filled with active duty Navy people who don't want to be there. The weekend is more about people who really are there to PT.  Warmup on the Life Cycle for 3 miles, which is about 12 minutes. I don't know what it is, but 3 miles is almost exactly when I start to sweat on the Life Cycle. Perfect warm up.  From there I worked through a variety…

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“Born with Status?”

Pictures and things about me show up all over the internet, (Just goggle my name). It's not that I'm famous or anything like that, far from it. LOL. It's just the way the world is today. You do, or say anything and it's out there for everyone to see, and that's forever. Pictures and quotes from my book, or some stuff from Iraq, FB, IG, website or when I used to write for the Marine Times. It's not a big deal as I never had one used in a bad way, and it's a big part of marketing a book,…

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Daily Beat Down: Friday Motivation.

  Now what's this picture have to do with my daily workout? Nothing, this is just a picture of a FB friend who obviously works out a lot. I will say that what ever she's doing they need to bottle and sell it, and she would make a lot of money. LOL. Honestly what you see here is a combination of great genetics and a lot of hard work. Happy Friday! 0545, raining hard as it's been all week, so the Friday Pull-up run is out for this week.   Main Gym Warm up Life Fitness Treadmill Walk 1/4 mile. Jog 1/2 mile. 10:00 a…

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Some old is something new, again.

  Funny how this thinking about working out (that I've been doing and talking about for many years) is now suddenly new? LOL Checkout this article and video from Outside Magazine on line.  

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The goal and message of my book is simple. Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. Flexible, portable, simple to learn, and above all else results focused, this is a no-nonsense, right to the point way to get into outstanding physical condition, maintain an optimum body weight and enjoy all the benefits of a high energy healthy body. This isn’t rocket science,  its common sense combined with long practical experience, wrapped in an easy to understand package.

The 128 pages of insight and information contained in this book are based on over 3 decades of training United States Marines and International Military, and its all you’ll ever need to get into Kick Ass Condition, get your weight right and STAY there. There is no hype,  no fluff,  no magic,  just results. I guarantee it.

In any case thanks for your time and interest. Take care, and remember:
“Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do!”

Semper Fi,
Master Gunz