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Awesome kid, sick climber!

  Last Saturday in Boston, 15 year old Kai Lightner won the 2015 Sport Climbing Series National Championships (open class). He was the youngest climber in the field of 37. Until you've tried this yourself, you won't realize what an incredibly hard sport this is. On almost any given day I can knock out 20 good pull-ups, however on my best day rock climbing, I'm about one notch above embarrassing, LOL. This kid has unreal talent and who knows just how good he will eventually get? This video about him, that came out last year also shows what a dedicated and humble young person he is. His hard working mom…

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What to (and not to) eat when you’re feeling sick.

Good info. I learned about saltine crackers during my time on Navy ships. When ever the seas got rough, they put out big trays of crackers to help people who were sick due to sea sickness. It didn't help some people, but it did help me. It's still my go to snack if my stomach feels a little queasy.   What to (or not) eat when you're sick.  

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Daily Beat Down: Layered Conditioning

  0550, warm and humid. I often talk about the concept of "Layered Conditioning", or simply layering. This is a type of fitness and workouts that build your overall physical fitness in layers. Think of it like a "Damascus" knife blade. These are the strongest and sharpest of all blades. They are made by folding layers of hot steel over it self, and hammering them together. In the best blades, like Samurai swords, this is done many hundreds of times. What you end up with is a steel that is layered like a tiny truck spring, giving it great strength and resilience. I believe that you can…

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Long Term Running Shoe Review.

Last year when I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon I started having a lot of leg and foot fatigue during my weekly long run. It started when I began to progress over 12-14 miles. After a lot of looking, research and trying a few different options, I settled on the Altra Olympus Trail Runner. These are the new zero drop, ultra cushioned shoes. I tried Hoka's first and they hurt my feet just walking, but these didn't. In fact, the first time I ran in them, I went 16 miles and it was the best long run of…

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The goal and message of my book is simple. Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. Flexible, portable, simple to learn, and above all else results focused, this is a no-nonsense, right to the point way to get into outstanding physical condition, maintain an optimum body weight and enjoy all the benefits of a high energy healthy body. This isn’t rocket science,  its common sense combined with long practical experience, wrapped in an easy to understand package.

The 128 pages of insight and information contained in this book are based on over 3 decades of training United States Marines and International Military, and its all you’ll ever need to get into Kick Ass Condition, get your weight right and STAY there. There is no hype,  no fluff,  no magic,  just results. I guarantee it.

In any case thanks for your time and interest. Take care, and remember:
“Tough Times Never Last, Tough People Do!”

Semper Fi,
Master Gunz