A Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant’s Program for Elite Fitness

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Welcome, and thanks for your interest in my book. I know your time is valuable so I will get right to the point.

The goal and message of my book is simple. Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life. You CAN do this without supplements, special foods, expensive exercise equipment, or a big time investment. I developed my system based on over three decades of physical training experience. Hard learned lessons from my own training, and from extensive observation, and training of U.S. Marines, and international military students from all over the world has lead me to these time tested, and proven methods. However make no mistake this is not simply the Marine Corps PT program re-repackaged for the public. This is a comprehensive physical training system that draws the best aspects of many training methods together to obtain what I call “Working Fitness”. Working Fitness isn’t bodybuilding or sports conditioning, but a level and type of physical readiness that prepares you to handle real life conditions. While I designed this program primarily to enhance the physical readiness of military members, firemen and law enforcement personnel, when applied correctly it will work wonders for any age, present fitness level, man or woman.

If you click on the link (top of page) to my book page at, you we’ll see over 100 five star book reviews posted. These are honest reviews of my book and system that were posted from people from all walks of life, ages and fitness levels, and there are many from countries outside the United States.

Flexible, portable, simple to learn, and above all else results focused, this is a no-nonsense, right to the point way to get into outstanding physical condition, maintain an optimum body weight and enjoy all the benefits of a high energy healthy body. This isn’t rocket science, its common sense combined with long practical experience, wrapped in an easy to understand package. The 128 pages of insight and information contained in my book are all you’ll ever need to get into serious shape, get your weight right and STAY there. There is no hype, no fluff, no magic, just results. I guarantee it.

Already in shape? Try out my own physical fitness test: “The Truth Teller”. I have it here on this website (see the tab on the left). Try it (yes it sucks) and let me know how you score. Especially if your in the military, a firefighter or cop. I’d like to know how you did on my test as compared to the what ever fitness test you have to take for your occupation, (Send me an email at the address below).

If you have any questions about my book and/or exercise system, or are just looking for some no BS advice to help you get in shape and lose weight, contact me at I will answer all emails personally.

In case thanks again for your time and interest. Take care, and remember:
“If you ain’t struggling, you ain’t living.”

Semper Fi,

Master Gunz
Results, not hype. (51 years old)
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